These lists are provided for the convenience of our customers. It is your responsibility to check for references and licenses.

Masonry ContractorsPhone
Carl Wheeler208.427.0000
Casey Collom208.530.3989
Dave Hamblin Masonry801.750.8311
Dixon Hamilton208.407.6671
Downs Masonry (Jeff)435.757.0474
Dustin Hansen (Bear Lake Masonry)435.757.3616
Frank Broberg435.770.6850
Grover & Daugherty (Keith)435.994.0550
Grover & Daugherty (Kevin)435.994.0571
Heritage Custom Masonry (Lance)435.881.6155
James Grover435.713.5518
John Nielson435.258.5207
Millcreek Construction (Blayne)435.512.0747
Peterson Exterior (Stuart)435.225.4544
Randy Bingham435.512.0308
Ryan Merrill435.757.6811
Stone Masonry (Mike)801.603.6856
Sutch Brothers (Kevan)435.890.6142
Tony Nielson435.752.9332
Vinyl Guys (Nolan)801.791.5035
Landscape ContractorsPhone
A&D Landscaping435.755.9769
Bear Lake Landscaping435.757.0967
Blue Collar Landscape435.535.5830
Cache Valley Landscape435.760.7307
Canyon Landscaping435.752.3838
High Creek Landscaping435.938.8365
Landscape Expressions435.760.5989
Lone Pine Landscaping435.730.4304
Greenleaf Landscaping435.225.9481
Wilcox Landscape CC (Kirk Wilcox)435.757.0328
Tile ContractorsPhone
Bird Tile (Nate)435.770.7524
Bryce Larsen435.994.0678
Elite Home Repair (Joshua)435.770.1617
Floor to Ceiling Tile (Ben)435.770.2456
J&C Ceramic Tile (Jason)435.757.5167
J Leen's Tile (Jose)435.890.3913
Mike Christensen435.757.4720
On Point Tile (Lance)435.770.2981
The Tile Chick (Chelsea)435.760.5579
Travis Larsen435.994.0671
Tru Line Tile (Doug)435.757.6166